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Shivani's words reflect her sense of independence, strength, concern, and resilience, undoubtedly leaving you feeling motivated, valuable, and empowered! In some poems, it even feels as if the Author basks in fearlessness, celebrating her heart's ability to experience freedom from within, despite any woes or ominous gray skies. 

At a certain point in time in life, everyone feels the need to reflect and dig around in their own personalized collection of thoughts, visions, and dreams. Sometimes, this reflective moment brings forth something new…And Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi has done just this with his new poetry book titled, “Dead Dogs Don’t Bark; a sequel to his enlightening collection, “Dead Lions Don’t Roar.” 

The King of the Jungle gets stripped apart, analyzed, reconstructed, and reimagined in this introspective and creatively themed collection of poetry. And the best part of all? This new view is one that everyone can relate to.

Author Catherine Lawton’s Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Sees Christmas

Author Catherine Lawton’s children’s book, “Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Sees Christmas,” is a timeless classic crafted with love, thoughtfulness, creativity, and holiday cheer...Read our Honest Book Review Today!

Poetic Thoughts: Introspection (Volume II) by Author Joshua Psalms

Despite your beliefs and background, there is something for everyone to ponder once finished reading this book. Truth. Redemption. Eternal life. Is there only one way? Read our recent Honest Review to find out!

Never Play Games with the Devil by Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi

'Never Play Games with the Devil' by Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi is no cliché when it comes to the poems in this book and is definitely much more than a creative book title. Read our Honest Review today!

Dead Cats Don’t Meow by Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi

Covering a variety of topics from love and family to global societal issues, Author Tolu' A. Akinyemi is an outspoken and positive influence, simply put, in his poetry book, "Dead Cats Don't Meow!" Read our Honest Review today!

Kyle Coare's Seasons

Author Kyle Coare is an exquisite Poet and Word Artist that truly knows how to bring words and the world to life through poetry, and this collection of animated poems is more than proof!

Gaslit By A Madman by Author Max J. Lewy

"Gaslit By A Madman" by Author Max J. Lewy indulges in the power of enlightenment which he stems from the spirit and soul...read our Honest Book Review today!

Songs From A Lost Heart: (A Collection of Original Lyric Poetry) by Author Edwin Betancourt

Edwin Betancourt's Songs From a Lost Heart is a funeral rite for a romance that's turned to ashes, a journey of love, hurt and discovery as the heart’s wounds heal.

The P.I Witch: The Witch, The Prince & The Evil Jester (Part 1): (A Fairytale Retelling Novella Series) by Edwin Betancourt

Author Edwin Betancourt waste no time pulling you into his latest book "The P. I WItch: The Witch, The Prince & The Evil Jester." It is a powerful and compelling novella that once you read you will not want to stop, not even for a second.

Dreamers Needed by Lozan Yamolky

More than a poet, Author Lozan Yamolky speaks with the sincere voice of a humanitarian who cares for much more than herself in our world in her epic collection of poems, ​Dreamers Needed.